Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hmm. This is Just Nasty.

An unintended consequence. This is rude. A mention is a mention. But remember the Intentional Fallacy.

If Maureen Dowd Is Typing With One Hand, Don't Be Surprised
Found 3 days ago

Just what we needed to hear this early in the morning: While penning her Bush bashing blog posts, Arianna Huffington is getting moist between the legs. As Frank Rich punches his keys to spell "quagmire," he boxers are getting stained. And we won't even tell you what's going on at Cindy Adams' desktop. Says a new University of San Francisco study of columnists, a good portion of them compare their job influencing the opinions of others to a romp between the sheets.

When asked "what writing a column is like," 26% of salaried columnists called it a job and 17% likened it to sex. But Robertson explained that this wasn't necessarily a positive thing; he said some columnists feel like they're "married to a nymphomaniac" because they have to start working on another column as soon as they're finished with the previous one.

While others compared their work – penning one column among many printed in the same newspaper – to a gang bang.

Survey Shows Some Columnists Get "Hot" While Writing [Dave Astor. E&P]


Anonymous said...

You've put a weapon into the hands of the neocons. Happy?

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Oh it's just what an old friend would call the chattering classes...chattering. Actually, I believe the neocons are among the nattering classes, in you will allow me the nuance.