Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Blasphemy or Sacrilege? Even the Lexicographers Disagree

Here's the back story. As part of the wholesome fun of maintaining interest in our fantasy baseball league over the winter, I reconstituted the Patrick Finley Memorial Fantasy League weblog which the rest of my league mates had been so heartily ignoring. To make it attractive, as one might offer a futon or a free month's rent to get tenants into a nondescript apartment, I swore I would quit trying to be so darn clever in my posts. Nobody likes a showoff. In other words, it would be nothing but baseball talk -- trades, rumors, tidbits from other baseball websites, the pure Hippocrene, as Keats would have said. The blog was created, and my first post was utter vanilla.

And then beloved league member and 2004 second-place finisher Robert (Bob) Wieder, he who has written gibes and mots for Playboy these many years, jumped in with some rather wicked parodies of Christmas carols.

Sometimes you build it and they will not come. And sometimes you build it again and they drive their hotrod into the middle of the infield and start doing doughnuts.

I am just glad for the traffic. You are welcome to drop by the league blog -- say that three times fast: leagueblog, leagueblog, leagueblog -- and threaten Bob with eternal damnation, or just talk some baseball.

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