Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Woke Up. Got Out of Bed.

I wonder how often waiters give you "real" coffee when you ask for decaf? This is an early morning question. I don't mean it's a question you ask because someone is serving you coffee early in the morning. It's a question you ask early in the morning after you wake up restless and a little agitated well before sunrise. But is that the way it works? Wouldn't caffeine keep you awake at bedtime rather than waking you up and then keeping you up in the middle of the night? Hm. The answer to that is ... of merely academic instance. Knowing why I'm awake won't put me back to sleep.

Typing is making me a little drowsy. I'm not writing; that's not the word. I'm just typing, though editing later on can turn typing into writing. You can't edit a sleepless night, though. I mean you can't erase the erasure; that is, I can't delete this post and suddenly be refreshed. So I'll let this stand.

Yawn if you like. If this bores you, some night it may come in useful. I know my own eyes are growing heav

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