Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Reformulated Juvenilia

That is to say, the Rightwads say to certain folk to their left "Oh such a bad idea when Bush critics say, 'Come home from Iraq right now.'" And if we let them slice it like that I agree. But that's not the way to slice it.

I say to Bush, "Put out or get out." I say that because if, as it seems, we continue as we are, then some expensive years down the road we will end up with a tragic Iraq -- a medieval theocracy at best, a civil war riven killing ground at worst. (I say nothing of the shape we will be in having bled lives, money, international influence, international credibility.) So Bush needs to put out by which I mean he needs to understand that the price of getting Iraq into the dream state he has long described is a nice tax hike, a draft, many more boots on the ground, many more dollars poured into Iraq, every penny better targeted and better monitored.

Now it may be a majority of Americans won't want to pay that price. But we won't know that until the question is asked. And if Bush won't step up, think it through, get real and, yes, "put out" what the situation actually requires:

Second part of the sentence: Get out.

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