Thursday, September 29, 2005

To the Sky I Said Ouch! And The Rest...

A friend whose doggy had to be put to sleep, i.e., humanely put to death, and then whose kitty had a seizure and expired and now who has to have back surgery -- outpatient, sure, but they are doing heart transplants on an outpatient basis now next please -- and the best I could say to him after saying I was sorry was that he would be in my prayers if I had any.

How do you express condolence if you have nothing in particular with which to condole?

Food? Well when it comes to the comforting power of food when it is offered to a friend in pain:

Jews do it.
Southern Baptists do it.
Even famous actors practicing eccentric fringe religions like Tom
Cruise do it.
Let's do it,
Let's meet for lunch my treat.

The rest really is silence

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Anonymous said...

Lunch sounds grand. Let's talk