Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Laziness of the Long-Distance Blogger

This 15-minute limitation I have placed on myself is a burden because I like to tweak what I write, minutes or even hours afterward. I think I like the process as much as I like the result, though that may also be a definition of masturbation.

Anyway, that propensity for retouching violates the limits I have place on this blog -- and it is not in the spirit of the blogosphere where Often Wrong But Never in Doubt and Never Repent and Seldom Correct seems to be what brings in the customers.

So I did the big lazy of posting a photograph. No need to come back to it and tweak. And now I do the bigger lazy of suggesting that my two readers -- three if you count the NSA data spider -- participate in a caption contest for Mr. Daugherty.

Here's my caption:

Nude Offending a Staircase.


....J.Michael Robertson said...

The five little peppers and sweet shrieking Jesus how they grew.

That's from Brother Bob Wieder. My wife says, "He likes to use the word 'Jesus' a lot, and I reply, "Prayer takes many forms."

(No, I don't, actually.)

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Brother Peter Moore says:

"Flaying a Dead Horse"

Brother Michael Tola says:

"In Search of Rusty Trombone"