Thursday, June 01, 2006

Well, I'll Be Damned. I Will.

After my early morning post in which I dared all by throwing my considerable support -- all 220 pounds and that's in the morning naked having eased onto the scale -- behind Barack Obama, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a link to this -- which I know means nothing more than that a handful of other people who know how to search the Internet seem to be dreaming the dream:

There’s an alternate measure, one that still captures the preferences of committed political activists while remaining more egalitarian in its measurement. Over at Vote Democrat 2008, we offer bumper stickers, buttons and t-shirts that promote various Democratic bids for the presidency in 2008 — candidacies both “serious” and “frivolous.” Unlike the mainstream pundits, we think which are which is a matter for you to decide, voting with your committed statements. For someone to buy a sticker, button or shirt promoting a presidential candidate takes some gumption, since it involves the commitment to publicly state one’s endorsement of a candidate. The relative popularity of the contenders in sales of these items is an indicator of the size of the set of core supporters, ready to mobilize when a full presidential campaign gets underway.

We’ve been keeping track of trends in the sale of Election 2008 stickers, buttons and shirts since the debacle of November 2004. With another month past us now, here’s an update with results for the most recent month of April 2006:

Relative Sales of Election 2008 Presidential Bumper Stickers for Democratic Party Candidates in April 2006


Anonymous said...

What exactly has this man done to warrant such exaggerated expectations? Please be as detailed as possible.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Well, I'm hoping he'll stick it to the man. So I'm awaiting developments. Also those complete sentences he speaks in -- nectar to the ears.

shirley said... to my ears. speaking of that have you heard Obama's campaign song? whats your opinion?