Monday, January 19, 2009

Among the Sweet, Some Sour

There are so many positive things to be said and thought on this the eve of Obama's inauguration, and as I roam the newspapers and the Internet, I find great pleasure in those thoughts that I also entertain but just haven't happened to write down and -- even better -- the striking insights that had never occurred to me: wow.

But I also take pleasure in the flip side. My word, how Obama's ascendancy is going to chap the butts of some millions of diehard racists and rightwing haters for whom the caste systems of race, religion and mad nationalism prop up their fragile sense of self worth.

I read as a kid that when Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown the British played a tune called "The World Turned Upside Down."

Anybody have the sheet music?

Of course, we need maintain scrutiny of these haters for reasons other than joy in their distress and confusion. There's a lot of hot air out there, but I have no doubt there's some cold blood, too. The Secret Service is about to start its Super Bowl season, and I expect perfection.
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John McChesney-Young said...

I found a rather low-resolution image someone uploaded to Photobucket, and a nicer .pdf (72KB), with a brief discussion at the message board devoted to piping and drumming and that sort of thing where I found that link (it's in #504867; I don't see a way to link to that post directly).

Now that your beloved is back, perhaps one of you can play fife or pipes and the other the the snare drum part (44KB .pdf)?

....J.Michael Robertson said...

People, you should try these links. Everything is now at our fingertips.