Sunday, November 08, 2009

Richard Has Started Up the Leaf Lottery for This Year

The Commissioner's Letter

The Leaf Lottery is back. A review of the rules

* Email back the date you think the last leaf will fall from the crab apple tree in our front yard

* Costs US$1 to enter. Winner takes all.

* Must send your date by 11-16-2009

* Last possible date is Valentine's Day, 2/14/2010

* If someone else has your date already, you can pick another Commissioner Impressions Many leaves have fallen and lots are yellow, but the green ones look strong.

Leaf History

2003 first blossom not recorded
last leaf fell on 11/16/2003 no lottery

2004 first blossom not recorded
last leaf fell on 11/19/2004 no lottery

2005 first blossom not recorded last leaf fell 2/13/2006
lottery winner Reah jackpot $8 Reah had last date allowed some leaves still on tree on Valentine's Day

2006 first blossom 4/1/2006 last leaf fell 12/26/2006 lottery winner Reah jackpot $9 Leaf Dominatrix wins second in a row winning pick made from Malawi donates 2 years winnings to 2007 pot

2007 first blossom 3/16/2007 last leaf fell 2/7/2008 lottery winner Jennifer winning pick made from Dubai jackpot $13 Dubai champ donates winnings (including prior years) to Oakland Children's Hospital

2008 first blossom 3/11/2008 last leaf fell 12/25/2008 no lottery

2009 first blossom 3/7/2009


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