Sunday, April 18, 2010

Calling All League Members (A Fantasy Draft Retrospective)

Re: calling all league members!Well, before I start calling: Thank you, Peter, for another splendid hosting and feeding. I hope everyone slipped him some ‘support’ for the meal. Also, don’t forget to slip me ten for league fees. Don’t remember who did and didn’t. Well, there you go.

And now the (!) message. I don’t make a list of teams as we draft, so it would make the BCL’s life a lot easier if you sent me a list of your players. I’ve entered my team and that great sucking sound you hear is ….

Some first draft thoughts: I don’t have a sense which teams should be favored. It strikes me that for a newbie Ed collected a strong pitching staff. It strikes me that there were some great bargains in pitching, but I didn’t get any of them. It strikes me that maybe Berger should be favored simply because he spent his money often and early and should therefore (I conclude) have gotten more value because so many of us were throwing money at the better players at 1b and 2b simply because we had it.

Great fun, though. Next year Bob will be tanned, rested and ready. I have no doubt that Larry (Bubbles) Brown will make his long delayed debut. And, of course, we yearn for the banquet.

Today I count my blessings, and I have so many, even though I did not acquire any new ones at the draft yesterday.



Peter Moore said...

I think that Larry "Bubbles" Brown is an imaginary character. I've never seen him, heard him, read him. He's some fake comedian invented by Bob & Tola.
If would be nice to have Bob back. The draft, while fun, was missing that crisis-hotline-edginess that only Bob's self-deprecation and anger bring to it.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Next year we will all bring our invisible friends. As for Bob, he was definitely the straw that stirred the drink and Jeffrey spilled the drink in our laps and Koppy was the turd in the punchbowl. Nice sequence of metaphors, right?

Anonymous said...