Saturday, August 28, 2004

Column*Which Allies Itself with Karl Rove and Roger Ailes

Seeking to better insinuate my weblog into the national consciousness, I have contracted with several top Republican strategists for marketing advice. If you go to the bottom of this page where the site meter that records the number of visits to my weblog is located, you will notice a slight factual "repositioning" recommended by my new advisors.

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G Pabst said...

A guy with my background shoulda thought of that earlier.

But you'd make it more believable by taking out a couple of zeros. The big lies usually get noticed as lies. The little ones, the ones we really want to believe, get embraced, treasured, made fodder for nostalgia.

"Yeah, I remember well the day my blog broke a thousand. You know, that was a bigger deal at the time than when it broke a hundred thousand. Imagine, little me and my humble blog..."

Course, these subtlties don't usually occur to the really big liars like your advisors. "Tell one, tell a whopper. Intimidate 'em into believence."