Sunday, May 01, 2005

And As With One Voice, the Crowd Roared, "I Before E Except after C."

One of the pleasures of attending major league baseball games is the yelling at the umpires, at the players, at the dot racing -- WHICH IS FIXED -- at any damn thing you feel like yelling at, as long as you yell with love bless their hearts.

Sometimes the nature of that yelling can become almost elegant. Over the years I have particularly enjoyed going to Name of the Day Park in San Francisco where the Giants play and shouting, "Apostrophe! Apostrophe!" when the big Giants scoreboard read, "Lets Go Giants."

I am delighted to say that the Giants finally added the apostrophe. My beautiful A's never lacked for one. Imagine my double sadness today when, two innings after rookie phenom "Little Nicky" Swisher crashed into the right field wall and had to be removed from the game, the A's scoreboard announced that he had been taken to the hospital to have his "clavical" x-rayed.

You may be sure I shouted "Spell check! Spell check!" again and again. Next inning the scoreboard had it right. Now and then, the A's are ignorant -- but never stupid.

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Anonymous said...

I was once the red dot!
Remind me to tell the story.