Monday, May 30, 2005

That Was the Year That Was, or The Year of Living Bloggily

Today is the day of days. This blog is exactly one year old, 365 days, 259 posts, 149,000 words, 7,817 visits. I began this blog in an effort to approximate what it would be like to be a newspaper columnist, which was of course a vain atttempt and a vanity to think it possible since this space in cyberworld is not a newspaper. You can't exactly learn what it's like being a fish by running around the front yard waving your arms in a fin-like way and dreaming of the ocean, though you can try glub glub.

Good job! Enuf, however, is enuf.


G Pabst said...
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G Pabst said...

It was a good run!
And a good time was had by all.

Pastor Kathy said...

So this is it, huh? Well, good job! Let me know if you decide to try your hand at another one.

Anonymous said...

Put your hands together, ladies and gentlemen for Mr. MICHAEL Robertson. Let's hear it for him! Tickets are on sale in the lobby for the Comeback Tour. Tapes and photographs of Mr. Robertson in the nude are also available. Now let's see if we can talk him into an encore. Put your hands together!

Jessica Dryden-Cook said...

Hey Dr. J!

So, you're going to keep your blog going, right? I mean, don't you find yourself addicted to the free form and languid ways of the blog? How are you doing, btw? I hope to visit USF and you one of these days, maybe pop in on a calss? Hope all is well!

:) Jessica