Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Terror Software: Spelling Things Out in Words of One Syllable

I don't know whether to call my small band of readers the DarWinos -- you find DC(AD) intoxicating -- or the CatAtonics -- you're already bored stiff so a little more lumpen pissing and moaning ain't going to make no difference one way or the other.

But what you do already share I'm guessing is a taste for Juan Cole's Informed Comment. But but maybe maybe you missed his post today on how the "software" of terrorist thinking gets installed on the young and impressionable.

I like this post. It is accessible. (You mean you can climb into it without hitting your head or cutting across a field and climbing through barbed wire? Oh grow

Here it is.

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Anonymous said...

It seems clear you looked into Mr. Cole's scary eyes and were drawn into his world. Tom Cruise can help.