Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Bunny-Wunnies are Back

Late last night while my wife searched old census records online to unearth the fear and wonder of her Dehmel ancestors, a week after the draft I entered into rosters for the Patrick Finley Memorial Fantasy Baseball League.

Bunny-Wunnies are off to a slow start, but my teams always begin at the trot since I never draft players who begin the season hot. I will start with Six Bunny-Wunnies and increase their number as the season moves along and reinforcements are required.

I have a history of this.

The league is fun. I'm good at it. I've won more money and had more top finishes than anyone in the league's 24 year history. But then again I'm the only person who has been in the league for all of its 24 years and who thus has had multiple whacks at the pinata.

The regulars grow older. I begin to wonder if the league will carry on after those of us who really care about it are gone.

Those would be me and .... Well, maybe someone else. It's hard to know for whom among the regulars this is an activity worth preserving. I have declared myself Beloved Commissioner for Life. It's hard to tell if anyone cares enough to mount a rebellion.

I'm pretty ruthless, so probably not.

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