Saturday, July 08, 2006

Night Game of the Lepus

Those of you who follow this blog closely -- technically, I believe we're talking about a null set -- are, of course, interested in how my fantasy baseball team is doing. At the moment I am hanging on to third place by the skin of my relief pitchers, and for various reasons I would be glad to share with you over cakes and ale I doubt I'll be able to hang on much longer.

But I do have a strategy if my slippage accelerates. I will change the name of my team. Just for the low wit of the thing I have been competing this year under the team name "Snakes on a Plane." It's not working. It's not working at all. When, as is inevitable, I fall "out of the money," as we fantasy sportsmen say, I will return to the team name under which I won second last year.

That's right. Make way for:

The 17 Bunny Wunnies.

As any Charles Schulz fan knows, the books Snoopy loved were actually named after the Six Bunny Wunnies. I quote from a blog called Snoopy's Pa.

Charles Schulz made many references to reading, libraries and literature, summer reading requirements and book reports. Other than Snoopy’s perpetual quest to write the great American novel (“It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly a shot rang out!”), one of my favorite running literary gags involved the imaginary “Six Bunny Wunny” series by Miss Helen Sweetstory. Snoopy acquired the complete set through the Beagle Book Club and remained a devoted reader even though his worship of Miss Sweetstory wavered a bit after learning she lived with 24 cats.

Ten Bunny Wunny books were mentioned in the strip between 1970 and 1977 with silly titles like 'The Six Bunny Wunnies Join an Encounter Group' and 'The Six Bunny Wunnies and their Layover in Anderson, Indiana.'

The original name of my team last year was "The Six Bunny Wunnies." But it did not begin the season well, so I kept adding to the number of Bunny Wunnies until my team hit its rhythm.

Watch out, league members. I still have lots and lots of Bunny Wunnies up my sleeve -- or in my baseball magician's hat.

Not to mention those 24 cats.

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