Saturday, July 29, 2006

I Have an Edible Complex. But I like Simplicity, Too.

It's called Dungeness crab with spaghetti in lobster cream. It's delicious.

You can get it at Bix on Gold St., which is a couple blocks north of the Transamerica Pyramid. The place is no secret. My wife had a two-day seminar in downtown San Francisco on the fine art of negotiation -- this may be my last post; finally I will be completely in her power. So I said I will come over on the BART train and we will go someplace nice. I did the lazy thing and hooked up with the Chron's list of top 100 Bay Area restaurants and used the location filter.

Bix is not that close to Union Square, people. But the review was right: super good food.

I am writing this, however, to praise the description of the food. Think about it. The restaurant could have said the dish was Dungeness crab (thank you Wikipedia) with:

Shaped pasta

Tubular pasta

Strand noodles

  • Angel Hair — thicker than capellini
  • Barbina — thin strands often coiled into nests
  • Capellini — even thinner than angel hair; thinnest spaghetti—like noodle. (from capelli, meaning hair)
  • Chitarra — similar to spaghetti, except square rather than round
  • Ciriole — thicker version of chitarra
  • Fedelini — thinner than spaghettini
  • Fusilli lunghi — very long fusilli
  • Pici — very thick, found in Tuscany
  • Spaghetti — long, round, and thin. Thicker than spaghettini. (from Spago, meaning string)
  • Spaghettini — thinner than spaghetti, thicker than fedelini
  • Vermicelli — thinner or thicker (in Italy) than spaghetti. (from vermi, meaning worms)

Ribbon pasta noodles

Micro pasta

Stuffed pasta

Irregular Shapes

  • Spätzle - German egg pasta that is either round in shape from being squeezed through a press, often reminding people of worms because of their soft consistency, or completely irregular, when hand made (without a press). Their name means "little sparrow" in German.

But they kept it homey: spaghetti. Kudos to you, Bix. The food's the thing wherein we'll catch the conscience of the king.


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