Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Suddenly I am Humbled.

Wonkette, too? I am not worthy. Well, actually yes I am.

Wonkette links to me or, at least, to mine.

Breaking: 17% of Newspaper Columnists Clearly Virgins

Cold, loveless, formulaic punditry:

When asked “what writing a column is like,” 26% of salaried columnists called it a job and 17% likened it to sex. But Robertson explained that this wasn’t necessarily a positive thing; he said some columnists feel like they’re “married to a nymphomaniac” because they have to start working on another column as soon as they’re finished with the previous one.

Yeah, writing a column is just like sex. In that you do it in front of a computer, alone, while convincing yourself that people like you.

Survey Shows Some Columnists Get ‘Hot’ While Writing [E&P]

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G Pabst said...

I'd heard rumors of sex in Journalism, but thought it was like the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine. And then, after much backbreaking toil in the thirsty desert, J. Michael hefts a shovel load of paydirt...

Today it's Robertson's world! We merely live in it.

david silver said...

this is so cool. looks like you've got a meme on your hands!

it's so seldom that academics' work makes its way into the public. looks like you've found a direct jetstream!

right on michael.

Anonymous said...

When Caesar entered Rome after triumphs of this magnitude, a servant was detailed to ride in the chariot with him through the cheering throngs and whisper, "You are only human."

....J.Michael Robertson said...

If I weren't tenured, I might not be so happy. I really don't know if this is in any way embarrassing to USF. I would assume not. I would also assume that the Deans do not read Gawker or Wonkette. I do not believe that I shall call the existence of either to their attention.