Saturday, July 22, 2006

Lord of the Balls: The Return of the Bunny Wunny

Two weeks ago my fantasy baseball team was in third place but sliding. I said then that if it dropped "out of the money" -- to use a bit of league jargon -- I would toss the provocative team name Snakes on a Plane and return to the label under which my team finished "high in the money" last year.

This morning I am in 5th place. Once again welcome the Six Bunny Wunnies.

Actually, the name under which I finished "high in the money" was the 17 Bunny Wunnies, but that team began life as the Six Bunny Wunnies, and I brought in reinforcements as needed. It was a wise plan and resulted in my "cashing a check." (Yes, keeping up with our league's highly technical nomenclature exhausts even me.)

If this seems superstitious, well yes that would be the word, and without quotation marks. I lack the big superstition about God but am still beset by any number of smaller ones. I could blog about that. But first things first.

Go Bunny Wunnies.

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