Monday, July 17, 2006

Look at All the Lonely Bloggers (Where Do They All Come From?)

Sad. Just sad. I copied this at, to wit:

"Currently tracking 48.7 million sites"

So at 1,106,057 I'm not in the top million, but I'm in the top two-and-a-half percent?

I need to start wandering bloggerworld, if only to cheer some deserving teenager or cat lover or Amway salesman, his dreams as shiny as the seat of his pants.

And maybe I can get down into the high six figures. (I think I can; I think I can.)


Paris Hilton Paris Hilton

Live nude Andy Rooney


Liew said...

Andy Rooney was so fucking hilarious on Da Ali G Show

Anonymous said...

Two and a half percent! Point proved. You can't be a gentle ruminant with long upper lip in this jungle. While you're peeling leaves and chewing with your sweet smile, Atrios and others are on the march. I tell you, forget Andy Rooney. The man is nothing more than a superannuated Garrison Keillor. "Bushhitler!!" That's what will drive traffic your way. Lower the fans and show more skin. Rotate those hips. Too much is at stake for ivory tower jests over port.