Sunday, July 23, 2006


More than 90 degrees yesterday, nearly that today.

Oakland is never this hot. It is, of course, sometimes. It's just so seldom this hot that it feels like never. I know one does not take things out of mothballs on hot days. I think one takes things out of mothballs before vacations or maybe around solstice time, in spring or fall.

But it is so hot that I am going to take a word out of mothballs. And the word is:


Man, I feel Southern right now. I feel the way I did during summers back in Virginia when I was a teenager, dreading the start of two-a-day football practice on August 15. I feel as if all activity is unjustified. Out here in Oakland about 350 days a year, one feels brisk and ready, even on rainy days, which are fine for brain work.

But today is one of those days at the end of which I will be a day closer to dead with nothing done.

Time for a kicker, but I think not. It's too hot to come up with some ideas, sort them out, make a choice and polish the final result.

To kick, to sweat, to melt.

It's too darn hot.


david silver said...

wha? you mean it's not always like this?

sheesh, it is hot. but michael i'll take heat any day over grey, perpetual rain.

this morning, i could have sworn that one of the little pieces we call dim sum on my plate melted. i turned away for a second and there was a pool of something on my plate.

it was like eating torpor.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Welcome to Frisco. Oh wait. Don't call it Frisco.