Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Ground Rule Double: An Email Symposium

Re: Shocking Baseball Comment by Gayle

Ricardo writes:

We've been watching the All Star Game. Evan Longoria of the Rays hit a ground rule double to left, driving in the tying run. Gayle said, huh what. So, I explained the ground rule double rule exactly as either of you would have done, including how many bases runners can advance.

She didn't buy it. Thought it was a total fako cheat. "Why isn't it a home run?" She asked.

Well, that shocked me so much that I could not argue. After ponderation, I think she's right. It should be a home run. We must rewrite the record books.

And I respond:

Unless my memory is faulty, back in the 19th Century *what we call a ground-rule double* was a home run! And, okay, I stepped away from this email to Wikipedia and:

Originally, all batted balls that cleared the fence after a bounce in fair territory or on a fly were counted as home runs. The rule was changed by the American League prior to the 1930 season and was subsequently adopted by the National League on December 12, 1930.

So there you have the strength and danger of wikipedia. When it confirms what you think you already know, the conversation grinds to a halt.


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