Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Answer My Friend is Biden in the Wind

All I know is Brother Greg Pabst points out that Biden has hair plugs -- though they filled in nicely -- but I recall that Proxmire had them first.

Boil these insights and disappear. My opinion of the Biden choice is manic/depressive. However, I feel about it right now, if I put you on hold, I'll feel different when I pick up again.

I just don't know.

Political junkies are like protectors of the snail darter. We are not to be fooled by the trash the other side puts out, and we understand that the other side is hard-core and will not be budged by anything we put out. As we scan the day's political news, both of us hover over those few millions of weirdly undecided -- so strange a species -- who actually don't know what to do but inevitably will break one way or another.

Which bits of nonsense our enemies spew will somehow break through and move them?? What are they listening to, these true undecideds? We try to imagine them. We wonder how we might reach them.

So each morning I wake up to some new Republican lie, distortion or artful framing of something that happens to be true -- though most of the time irrelevantly true -- and I am furious because *I* can't be fooled but out there somewhere are those....

Who really don't seem to paying attention. Who might as well be from another planet when it comes to my understanding them. Who lo0k at the monstrous difference and are inclined to split it.
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Anonymous said...

The low information voter, a better name for the independent, does not like complexity. The winning ticket will the one with the shortest, simplest message. In your heart you already know.