Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary Thoughts

What more could she have done for our cause? Expose her breasts like Isadora Duncan? Well done. Kudos.
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....J.Michael Robertson said...

Hello Michael,
For some reason I couldn't post to your blog. Here is what it rejected:

Interesting... MSNBC and CNN agreed with you and the Fox flat out disagreed.
Fox (pundits) said that she didn't go beyond what she "had" to do.
MSNBc and CNN said something like what you said but not quite as colorful,and they did add that the question will have to be addressed as to why she is not the nominee.
A fair point I would say on both accounts.


....J.Michael Robertson said...

I think that Hillary did what was necessary and that she could only have done 'what was necessary.' Too warm an endorsement -- too personal, too enthusiastic -- would have seemed disingenuous and not a little unhinged. What she did was a fanfare. If Obama gives the speech *he* needs to give, Hillary's speech is forgotten. If he whiffs Thursday night..., Hillary's speech is forgotten!

Her speech would only have been remembered if it had NOT been adequate to the purpose, if it had been incompetent or some sly suicidal act of sabotage.

Anonymous said...

Hillary show her breasts? Remember the big stink when she showed a little cleavage? You'd have thought she mooned the world with her huge assets.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

I had forgotten the cleavage uproar. Personally, I thought that sort of commentary was a double-edged sword. I recall reading a long essay by some quippy Brit arguing that part of Margaret Thatcher's electoral appeal was that a certain kind of Englishman "fancied" her. I don't think he was that kind. Must a woman be sexless to win public office?

Anonymous said...

You got it almost right. That "certain kind of Englishman" fancied dressing up like Mrs. Thatcher before being taken over knees for the paddling.