Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Didn't Vote for Jesus, I Voted for Moses. Please, Just One Little Plague Brought Down on His Head?

And thus Obama does Thing One that I don't agree with, apparently giving the Big Club O' Senators cover to wrist slap Joe Lieberman rather than throwing him into outer darkness, i.e., the company of Republicans.

What a whiny smarmy hyper-religious little git Joe is. He was Al Gore's mistake. Now, I hope he won't be Obama's.

Thus, I look forward even more to the moment when Obama tempers mercy with justice and crushes some traitor like a worm. Of course, you can overdo it, but occasionally you need to do some of it.

Political Game Theory 101, right? Turn the other cheek, but the third lick is mine.
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1 comment:

B. Wieder said...

Just repeat the soothing mantra, "In the tent, pissing out...in the tent, pissing out..."