Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Continue to Guide Young Minds

A former student on his way to Frisco writes:

hey doc
we have to reschedule to tuesday. my truck is in a shop in Santa Cruz right now. brakes went out today.

And I reply:

Tuesday just as good. On the road with George. You need a dog and occasionally to pick up hitchhikers, whose folksy wisdom you quote in the book based on your travels.

Oh one other bit of wisdom. I was talking Friday with a prospective adjunct who said the economic bust has really hurt the independent film business, that he now advises would-be movie makers they should certainly use all the wonderful new cheap tech to make their movies -- but do it for its own sake, since the product will never be picked up, distributed, marketed, seen by anyone other than friends and family.

Yah, I said. I always tell my students if they want to succeed as journalists, marry money.

And he replied: Tell them if they want to marry rich, they must *date rich*.

Sometimes the truth hits you like a blow.

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