Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lady Demosthenes

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E. was at Oakland city council till 1 a.m just so she could speak out, claiming her right to be on the city's "golden handshake" list, which would give her a nice incentive to retire sooner rather than later. The program is just one facet of Oakland's efforts to get out from under an $80 million deficit. She should have been on the list but wasn't because of clerical error. You know bureaucracies. Once something is written down, it is reified: It can't be changed. You aren't you. If you were you, it would say so right here.

So she waited six ten hours to speak to council for 90 seconds explaining why she should be on the list. Her reasons were sound, her logic impeccable. It will make no difference, but she spoke up, and her speaking up made us both feel better.

I was at home for the first part of this ordeal, figuring she'd be done by 9. But by 10, no Edith and no word. I was not worried, but I was concerned. That's a long day in her cowboy boots, which she wore to make herself taller. And no lunch nor dinner, she had told me about 6.

I went to the Burger King drive-through and got a couple Whoppers, and we had a little picnic in the lobby outside Oakland city council a little before midnight. No ants, just politicians.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go E.
It is the little things that count.

uk theses said...

NO!! not E - go W!! Only W(est), with no doubt