Thursday, September 24, 2009

Would You Like Zombie Fries with That?

Spent a happy hour-plus on a conference call with our Florida lawyer, E. and her sister being on location in the actual lawyer's office, talking about how to settle Mom's estate. The estate consists more or less of a ten-year-old car, some dishes and stuffed animals, enough knickknacks to jump start the Victorian age and some decent pieces of furniture in which E. and I (snobs to the core) have no interest.

If the estate seems vacuous, as you know nature -- and the legal profession -- abhors a vacuum, so we are expected to keep tossing money into that vacuum to "get things settled." (Editor: Insert sound of shrugging shoulders.)

After I got off the phone, I went biking with Big Pat. We struggled. It took us an hour-five to cover a distance Pat used to do in half that, and probably still could if not encumbered by me.

Then I dropped by Pat's apartment to look at Rose, his dachshund, who may be near her end, if a dachshund can be said to be near her end. (Sorry).

She is such a gallant little dog. Her rear legs twitched frantically as she tried to control them. We made hopeful noises and suddenly she walked six inches and produced a handsome example of dog excrement.

That fine turd is her ticket to ride. As long as she eats and eliminates, Pat will keep her alive. Her gaze is still strong, and she cornered me with a flurry of barks when we came back to the apartment. Perhaps, I should say I carefully positioned myself in relation to her barking so that we achieved the semblance of cornering. It's all about respect, which Rose deserves .

Then we walked down the block to Berkeley's finest Nepalese restaurant -- there are three, which is wild -- where I had a Blue Himalaya beer and a lamb curry with extra naan and a big serving of vegetables, which should reassure E. that she also has me cornered when it comes to healthy living.

Continuing the dog metaphor: Lassie, come home. I hope by Tuesday she will.
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Peter Moore said...

Anita was pulling used pages out of a sketchbook tonight to send it to our house guest Mimi (fleeing a relationship that for better or worse isn't working for her anymore) who's in Kaiser (6:00 AM this morning) for the third time in a week with what's been finally diagnosed as gall stones (maybe or maybe not-more tests tomorrow) and found a small drawing she did of Willy that so captured his very being that it brought me to tears when she left it on my desk

....J.Michael Robertson said...

I've recently borrowed for this blog the phrase from Shakes that roughly goes what's he to Hecuba or Hecuba to him that he should weep for her. I think maybe we'll name our next cat Hecuba to answer the question and thus explain the end. I told Pat I'd be willing to go with him to put his Rose to rest when the time comes. Well, that's a lie. I *want* to go.

Peter Moore said...

I ran into Pat at Costco today. We spoke of dogs and i told him about our vet who came out to the house to kill Willy when his time came.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

That is the considerate way to do it.