Sunday, September 12, 2004

The Herring was Excellent, and We Hate Bush

My wife is just a little disappointed that no one has engaged us on the upcoming election. Of course, we are encountering people in mercantile situations, the point of which is separating us from our money, and the Danes seem naturally polite (if sex obsessed), and I look vaguely like a demented Australian (as mentioned earlier) and Belle Mere isn't the kind of lady you take to bars (and not just because she's 93), but still you wish someone would give us the chance.

So my wife is given to occasionally just blurting out her politics, which must make passersby think that some members of our trio are hard of hearing. I support her in this. Today we are off to Bergen to look at the fjords, which should be fjun. Let us hope that the Norwegians are crankier at the sight of Americans battening on the sweet flesh of the world.

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mackdoggy said...

Clever of you to warn all away from the site then continue posting.
Hope you're having an edible time--sounds like it.
Tola Coma Watch is on.