Friday, September 03, 2004

I Feel His Pain

All day, since I first heard about Clinton's imminent bypass, I've felt twinges in my chest, though sometimes they go away and sometimes they seem to be in my side or in my neck. I walked to the bank and back this afternoon, which must be more than a mile, with part of it uphill. I didn't feel any pain or discomfort or sensation or a tingling or an itching then. I only feel pain, discomfort or sensation or tingling or itching or squeezing or tugging when I am sitting and thinking, which is not usually an aerobic act.

He's 58, Southern, blue collar, a former fat boy who loved bad food. Except for the promiscuity and historic political success -- perhaps "except" pulls a slightly longer train than that but I don't want to aggravate my twinges -- I am pretty much Clinton's doppelganger.

We both know what doppelganger means, I'll bet. We relish our mutual knowing.

Mirror, mirror on the wall/We Left Bush with a Surplus and Now What?

It's not an easy life being in sympathy with greatness. The road is getting bumpy. I take an aspirin every night.

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G Pabst said...

Amen to that, brother!

And wasn't that just a palpitation? No? Well, then "Excelsior!" (which also resulted in a poor outcome, if I recall).

And speaking of "Excesior!" how many times in some crowded dorm room did we collectively sigh, "wait'll it's our turn!"?

Somebody please hit the FX button for: soaring, hopeful music that lifts spirits, creates hope and (sound of needle scratching across the record grooves) sets off nostalgia-alert sirens.

We were/are so confident that (cover up, incoming cliches) our generation would make a world unlike any other, more just, more inclusive, more equal, more peaceful. Nice ideas. Might still happen, but not - it appears - on our watch.

How could we know that the Vietnam War to go on this long?

Kerry keeps dropping W in parallel with Herbert Hoover (as in "the greatest loss of jobs since...") whan he probably ought to conjur the ghosts of Warren G. Harding (Halliburton = +/- Teapot Dome ) or George Orwell (Healthy Forests = cutting old growth trees; No Child Left Behind = ...sorry, don't get me started).

As if millions would care.

Remember at the end of the second term magazine when covers touted articles wondering "Clinton: how he might use his 20+ year ex-presidency?" or some such.

And now he has the poor taste* to show signs of mortality, scaring the shit out of us doppelgangein.

And what happened to "hope I die before I get old?"

William Saroyan: "I know that we all have to die. But I thought an exception would be made in my case." Me, to.

And does anybody remember Saroyan?

* Actually, Clinton's poor taste for bad food, loose women, et al, is his one quality that most caused apoplexy in his enemies - which thus makes him most endearing to me. Remember W was going to "restore dignity to the oval office."

I hope Kerry has it fumigated before he moves in (hopeful music, under and OUT).