Sunday, September 19, 2004

Somewhere in Norway

I am paying to post this and that, like the imminence of death, sharpens the mind. This trip is about mom: Does she have the stamina to make it? Three days ago on the cloudy fjords we were beginning to doubt it, but Eydie gave her a laxative that stimulates the smooth muscles and Eydie has concluded that the brain, like the intestine, is a smooth muscle. The jokes that will someday flow from this statement warm my heart. For whatever reason, mom has perked up. My theory is that her difficulty in moving rapidly and thinking clearly make her think about death, whatever else she is thinking, so she is somewhat depressed. Naturally, her daughter thinks about her mother thinking about death, which is not the optimum mood stimulant. I am just my natural morose self!!! As for Norway, you are all inivited to come see the slides, most of which have been shot at glacial shutter speeds. That explains Munch -- it was all his mental shutter speed. Meanwhile, I gather that Kerry continues to trail. Never mind, John! I will soon be back with a headful of ideas stimulated by a certain smooth muscle....


G Pabst said...

Fully a quarter of my ancestors are Swedes. If you run into/over any of them, give them my salutations.

To assure that you find some of them - though why should you be concerned with this - go to the nearest Baptist Church. Now, I know you know all about Baptists. But probably never heard of Swedish Baptists. But such were two of my Great Grandparents.

Their unusual names were Eric Lindberg and Marie Nelson. Should be easy to find relatives in Stockholm, should you get there.

Or not.

Hope you're having a good time.

G Pabst said...


I just Googled "Swedish Baptist" and came up with the fact that the Lakeside Baptist Church in Oakland, CA - architect, Julia Morgan - was originally the First Swedish Baptist Church.
I undoubtedly have cousins in Oakland, too.
Say "hi" for me.

Anonymous said...

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