Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Anybody Else Want a Piece of This?

I just bet my wife twenty dollars that we will never see Arnold Scharzenegger on national television telling the world that Jesus Christ is his personal savior. My wife says: a) he still thinks he can be president; b) you will have to proclaim Jesus Christ as your personal savior to become president of the United States, at least for the next generation; c) a+b= JC is my PS says Conan.

I say no. Arnie is like the Beatles. He's bigger than Jesus.

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Anonymous said...

Michael: Arnold is a Catholic and I don't believe they speak of Christ as a personal savior. The pope, cardinals, archbishops, bishops and priests stand between such a relationship, or so I am led to believe. If you move to Canada, pack plenty of warm clothing. I speak from my Montana experience. Beware also of their national health service. Six hundred people died in Ontario alone last year from superbugs, the result of carelessness in attention to hygiene and janitorial standards in hospitals. There is, oddly, a ten-month waiting list for maternity wards, although this may not be a consideration at your time of life. Also, I'm afraid it has become pretty much a one-party state, rather like Cuba, with all the incidental corruption that implies. I think a holiday from the news is a good idea. I take them myself with some regularity. It was rather sad today cleaning out the rented RN:HtO! hq. We had somehow convinced ourselves he would crack the 5% mark in ARK, but he fall far short. I swept up sparklers, apple cores and the little cups that held sparkling water (RN is a teetotler). Together we could have made a difference.