Thursday, January 27, 2005

His Little Finger Has Forgotten More Than Most of Us Will Ever Know, Even Those of Us with Two Left Feet

I am just suggesting that if the nuances of the great world of advertising interest you, you should take a look at Brother Greg Pabst's comments on Pig International's ad survey, those comments readily available the second post below this.

Brother Greg -- I use the sobriquet in the how-yew? Southern Baptist sense, not to suggest Pabst has taken holy orders -- teaches advertising and public relations at beautiful University of San Francisco, where I like to say the students get their money's worth, plus a little "change."

Change. Get it? For the better.

Anyway, Pabst, as cruel as he will certainly be to the previous sentence, is one of the jewels of the university. The setting of the jewel may be antique but oh the fire in the depths.

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