Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Universe is Filled with Dark Noise But Without It All Friendship Would Collapse Upon Itself and We Would Be Utterly Alone

So I used the word "Gilliganesque" in an email and my friend wrote back that it's not a word, and I replied, "Even with a cedilla?" and he wrote back "Why is there no cedilla in cedilla? Well, for that matter, why is there no accent in accent, why no umlaut in umlaut, why no dieresis in dieresis, why no hyphen in hyphen, and why is schwa pronounced without a schwa?"

Well, that made me pause. So then I wrote back:

"Famous linguist said a double negative equals a positive but a double positive never equals a negative to which the famous philosophy teacher replied Yeah Yeah, in what I gather was a New York City accent. (Stolen from the NY Times Sunday mag. I give up!) Though you are right, schwa should be schwuh."

Of course, I was constantly looking things up, while he was typing with his feet and doing the Times crossword with his left hand and working the final kinks out of his roadmap for world peace with his right hand and doing god knows what with his knees and elbows.

It would be nice to be really really really smart, but there's always GCP -- google, copy, paste.

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There's yard work to be done.