Friday, June 08, 2007

End of the Week Roundup

* I read in the Chron this morning that no-hitters-in-progress broken up with two outs in the 9th inning are rarer than no-hitters. As a collector of unusual moments, I was correct yesterday to root against Schilling getting it done, my dislike for him and my boundless love for my beautiful A's ignored. Sometimes how wise the heart.

* Ken Garcia, late of the Chronicle and now of FreeAndBrief SF Examiner, says Hearst should have trimmed the newsroom long ago. Spoken like a man who caught an earlier buyout and walked himself out of the building.

* For those of you who enjoy my walking-through-Oakland videos -- a group of blog visitors that (my apologies to Mitt Romney) actually is a null set -- be ready for geese-by-lake and new-cathedral-by-lake auteur work soon. And tomorrow we go to Giants-A's in San Francisco. Be ready for YouTube magic!

* Oh, after three years my university-provided Dell laptop is falling apart -- literally; at the seams -- and will be replaced on Monday. But the U will not back up either tunes or pix or videos, fearing (I suppose) it would be abetting larceny and pornography. Thus, I bought an external hard drive by LaCie, which actually turned out to be plug and play. I breathe a great sigh of relief, though let me make clear that sigh is neither larcenous nor pornographic.

* I believe it was the New York Times that ran a story about how profits from online porno are sinking because so much cheap and free is now available on the net. But the Times did not name the most popular of these rival sites. Then a few days later USA Today ran a similar story but did name two or three of the most popular links. And so I have an interesting ethics dilemma for my next American Journalism Ethics class. And, no, I am not providing any links in this particular bullet -- to anything.

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