Friday, September 14, 2007

Turn the Page

Finally, after literal months, my presidential poll that's been running off there on the left side of this blog has reached 50 votes, and I'm pulling the plug. What odd results. They make clear the obvious: I'm a center-left guy, and anyone who lingers at this site is likely to be center-left.

But Edwards leading the way? I get the impression that a good number of lefty Democrats whose ballot choices reflect a mix of policies and electability gravitate toward Edwards. Actually, I do, too. All things being equal, soak the rich!

Of course, what intricacies reside in the first part of that sentence -- that's the question.

The final poll results:

Who will our next President be?

Richardson 4%2
McCain 8%4
Obama 14%7
Romney 4%2
H. Clinton 14%7
Giuliani 8%4
Edwards 24%12
F. Thompson 6%3
Gore 18%9
Gingrich 0%0
50 votes total
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