Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Have Just Downloaded Firefox 3

Everything now seems to load faster. Or is it late and my mind is closing down?

Speaking of one's mind closing down, it seems to me that the Cliffhanger is the best Sylvester Stallone movie. I love those nausea-inducing vistas, and Stallone's face looks like a rough draft of something from Mt. Rushmore.

Rocky? Watched it again on cable recently and Rocky's lunkheadedness seemed so calculated, so disingenuous, all which manipulation I somehow missed back there in the 70s.

Talking about Stallone after midnight and striving for the right word: My mind rally has slowed to a walk.

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Greg Pabst said...

Yeah. I downloaded F-3 this afternoon and it seem more agile than good, old, dependable 2.