Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Whither Oliver?

Kitty is doing better than we ever thought he would again. He is still much compromised in the rear parts, but he insists on going up and down the steps, with more diligence than expertise, and we let him because it seems to give him joy.

Since he hasn't leaked for two weeks or more, he now has access to the bed again. In short, we are now imagining we might have him for longer than the next 48 hours.

What caused his improvement? He's had chemotherapy, steroids, daily applications of potassium paste and daily applications of a dark brown vaseline-like substance designed to improve his regularity. We've been pumping his bladder, though we haven't done that for two days since he hasn't made a mistake in so long.

Of course, he rests most of the day and doesn't ask to go out and wouldn't be allowed out if asked.

He's old. That's a fact. This good news can't last obviously, no more than I would be justified making table reservations to celebrate the year Twenty One Hundred. But perhaps I will have a lap buddy as I do the sacred business of The Chair for the rest of this summer.

We are hopeful people here in Oakland. It's our stock and trade.

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Tmorahan said...

I'm rootin' for you both.