Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Heart Overflowing with Love. That's What I Worry About is one of my favorites websites for information about the advantages and disadvantages of the different kinds of loans, a real consumer's treat. But that is not the limit of its information.

Today it described certain "freaky" dangers to one's home that one's homeowner's policy may not cover, such as meteors and space debris or stampeding animals.

This is the exclusion that caught my eye.

3. Volcanoes

Surprisingly, many homeowner policies actually do cover damage from volcanic eruptions. (Likewise, if you have comprehensive auto coverage and your car gets damaged from a volcanic eruption, you may be covered.) This coverage is usually limited, however, to damage caused by the material which comes out of the volcano, such as lava and ash. Damage caused by volcanic ground tremors usually isn't covered, unless you have an earthquake policy. In Hawaii, there's a state volcano insurance program that covers homeowners who live in the highest-risk areas.

There's a shaping-of-Obama's-philosophy-of- good-government joke here somewhere, but I'll make the sideways jump to John McCain's worldview:

Hey, did you know that John McCain not only believes that human beings walked the earth at the same time as the dinosaurs, he actually knew some of those people when he was growing up.

Rim shot. Someone please say rim shot.

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