Monday, December 08, 2008

This is Not a Well-Written Headline

Supreme Court Rejects Obama Citizenship Claim

On the other hand, to undertake the job of writing headlines is to accept inevitable embarrassment. There's a slice of foolish pie on the buffet for all of us who write.

I recall two lines from my days of teen poetry that have outlived all the rest of it, at least in the mind of my wife, who loves love and love's howlers even more.

One was a rather melodramatic imagining of a man's life at sea containing this stanza:

And then the West Wind turned again and brought from inland farms
The smell of all I'd done and been far from the ocean's arms.

Talk about an excremental vision!

But this one is better:

I aim my shaft of love toward whom I choose
Though shaft fall short.

Yeah, we've all dated a guy like that, my wife says.

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