Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Vision of Things to Come

This was my morning ritual: Start the coffee, three cups worth; pad out front and get the four newspapers; pour the coffee and sit down on the sofa; start with the San Francisco Chronicle, actually with the sports section since on any given day and on every given day, half the teams win and all the little profiles are tales of triumph or redemption; read whatever section of the Oakland Tribune my wife tosses me with the instruction 'read this'; skim the New York Times, saving some stories for later in the day; read whatever section of the Financial Times my wife tosses me with the instruction 'read this'.

But it's different now. Add to the list the placement of my laptop on the sofa next to me. Finish the list with: go to the laptop and check my news aggregator for breaking news and for interpretation, for nuance.

Now if the rest of the world did as I do, what a happy Christmas it would be for the newspaper industry -- I mean, subscribing to four newspapers for Christ's sake. But when all the world goes directly to the news aggregator, because every morning see all the lovely facts and shit lying on the ground like manna from heaven, suddenly all that aggregated news will become 'news'.

Actually, a good deal of what we get from newspapers is already 'news,' but that's better than "news" by an order of magnitude.

If you get my drift.

Addendum: I'm aggregating away, and I find this story, which illustrates my point about feel-good sports profiles. But do not remain in doubt, my friend: It made me feel good.

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