Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Natural Accent is CP (Corn Pone)

Romeo and Juliet in the famous balcony scene.Image via Wikipedia

Image via WikipediaMay write more about the CalShakes 'Romeo & Juliet' we just saw, but here's something while it's fresh in my mind. I stumbled on a review of a recent performance of R&J at the new Globe in London in which the young actor playing Romeo was highly praised. Clicked through to his Royal Academy of Dramatic Art bio and noted that his "natural accent" was described as RP.

A few more clicks and wikipedia tells me:

Received Pronunciation (RP)—also called the Queen's (or King's) English[1] and BBC English—is the accent of Standard English in England.

Let's call this RC, or really cool. RADA's "voice reels" for its young graduates.

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