Monday, October 26, 2009

Administering the Ethics Midterm: The Power is Intoxicating

I know what the answers are. I might not know *that* the answers are, if you get my drift. That's where the intoxication of power comes in. Here's my favorite question because it has diagrams.

G. Ethics and trolley problems. (6 points) In the first illustration, the trolley is hurtling down the main track. If the man at the switch throws it, the trolley will go onto the side track, killing the man tied to the side track. If he does not, the four on the main track will die. In the second illustration, the man on the bridge knows that if he pushes the fat man next to him onto the main track, the weight of the fat man will stop the trolley and the four people on the main track will not die, though the fat man will be killed. Based on our class discussion, discuss the differences (if any) some ethicists find between the two dilemmas.

Okay. That's not the diagram I actually used. But I could have. That's the point,

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