Thursday, October 15, 2009

Routine Post About a Routine Bike Ride

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It's a tradition now, my Thursday morning bike ride with Pat. 'T was humid with spitting rain, but overall a fine gray morning with the Bayside track to ourselves most of the way. Pat asked if I was fuelled by my dose of replacement hormones, and I said perhaps I was fuelled by the fact of diagnosis and therapy commenced rather than by the actual therapy.

Who knows? I'm taking a miniscule dose of artificial thyroxin, only 0.05 milligrams. Whether or not this is an effective dose awaits a blood test in six weeks. Now I need to cut down on carbs and push my glucose lower.

And I used to laugh about old folks who talked only of aches, pains, bunions and (oh woe) the quantity and quality of their stool.
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