Thursday, October 08, 2009

Riding, Walking, Wincing

Human Foot, sagital view, Bone and transparent...Image via Wikipedia

What a morning: a brisk hour on the bike in the fog along the Bay with Big Pat, then a quick lunch downtown with E. to leave her the car, then a walk home in the sun beside the lake.

And the ball of my left foot hurts. Dr. Stumpf (codename Stumpy) says no no no don't come in until you try a metatarsal pad, which (he says) is so much better than a mere insole.

Sit quietly without drawing attention to yourself and I will come back later to tell you if I agree with him.
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Anonymous said...

When you are sitting quietly try rolling a tennis ball along the bottom of your foot, with your foot. Back and forth along the heel. It helps me.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

I will try. I will bring back the news.