Saturday, October 30, 2004

Naked Brunch

A friend asks why in my preceding post I did not provide a click-through to an online photograph from the movie Titanic of Ms. Kate Winslet famously nude.

The sentence in question, which he thought needed illustration, said, "Now, old freethinker that I am, I just think oh that Kate Winslet is sweet."

I am beloved for creating boldfaced links that, if clicked, illuminate the subject under discussion -- or just give you a really good laugh hahahahaha. (May I suggest this post to illustrate the fun I have with links on which to click.)

Truth is when I praised Ms. Winslet, I was praising her Titanic spunk and beauty, her general incandescent sassiness, not the moment in that movie or in any other movie in which she dropped her laundry. Didn't occur to me. Have no intention of doing it now. For those of you who want to see pictures of Ms. Winslet famously nude, I say to you what I would say to a student interested in the restrictive appositive: "Look it up yourself. You will remember it longer."

Of course, since you have no interest in the restrictive appositive -- not in the context of a discussion of Ms. Winslet famously nude -- I will provide a clickthrough. All aboard for the restrictive appositive.

Now for the quiz. Which is it? Take your time.

I like Kate Winslet, who drops her laundry.

I like Kate Winslet who drops her laundry.

Another friend -- a wife and a friend, actually, and don't that make me a happy man? -- had a question about my putting George Bush in hell in the very same post.

Q: Will Nader be there, too?

Of course. He will be placed for all eternity in a drab outer office with a bored receptionist who will periodically turn to him and say, "Ms. Winslet will see you now."

Think of the constant anxiety! The source of that anxiety? Well, who knows.

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