Wednesday, October 27, 2004

We Google Here, We Google There. We Google You Most Everywhere. Are You in Heaven or in Hell, My Obscure Old Friend....

That friend being me. I sent my recent piece on innate intelligence wasted at a Bible college to a couple of friends who also wasted their intelligence at the very same Bible college but have done damn well in spite. They both wrote back, one adding that he had Googled me.

And found so little.

Though there is a nice picture of me at the USF website, looking beefy and Kissingeresque. (By popular demand, I include that link.)

And I replied to my Googling friend:

Whoa, hate to hear bout your Google search because "As a man liveth, so doth he Google." Anyone looking for me will find a "Red state" preacher boy and, I think, some kind of military historian and of course (without the J.) some computer millionaire.

On the other hand, "The grave's a fine and private place. You Google there and find no trace." So some day I'll get over it.

But here's something beautiful, as my friend pointed out to me. You Google me, you find a Baptist hero who must also have gone to some variation of Whooping Jesus Bible College and came away faithful but no fool.

Abraham Lincoln reluctantly led in the Civil War's fiery trial, said J. Michael Robertson, pastor of Warsaw (Va.) Baptist Church, who quoted correspondence between Lincoln and a Quaker friend (on the topic) Can a President know it's God's will to have a war?
A woman in the audience challenged Robertson. Their dialogue continued after the session, in which Robertson advised his audience to "always know what you don't know." Warning against claiming to know God's will, he advised fellow-pastors, "When you go home, teach the separation of church and state."

By the way, my little headline is a play on the signature phrase from the reactionary novel about the French Revolution, that is:

“They seek him here They seek him there Those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven or is he in hell That damn elusive Pimpernel!”

I always think of Bill Clinton, don't you?

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