Saturday, February 05, 2005

Emergency Early Warning to the Friends of Patrick Daugherty and Richard Anderson

This blog is very much like a mini-market. We have a handful of regulars and a larger number of visitors -- a much larger number -- who drop by. I would assume that both might easily be confused by what is about to happen.

This is in the way of an explanation: Tomorrow I will be enjoying the super bowl with sports columnist Patrick Daugherty and friends Richard Anderson and Jeffrey Pressman. With some regularity we will be posting "audio reports" from what I have been told is a expanse of green grass near a landfill in Albany, California, where P. Daugherty parks his camper so that he can watch the Super Bowl on his hand-held tv. He does this because he is creative, somewhat avant garde, perhaps fey, not a little twee.

Anyway, this is what he does. During the Super Bowl we will be making regular audio posts to this blog so that the many Daugherty/Anderson fans can ... listen to whatever these boyos have to say.

And in the words of the murderous/famous Robert Blake, that's the name of that tune.

Attend here tomorrow for a series of audio posts that will provide .... Daugherty hasn't been to confession in a while, nor have I been to therapy. What you hear is what you get.

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