Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Samplin' Emily

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G Pabst said...

Mr. Bog

I never "got" Emily Dickenson. In fact, I've suggested - more than once - that the dead-girl poet, Emeline, in Hickleberry Finn was Twain's lampoon of - possibly Dickenson herself - but at least the entire egg of Victorian-era drawing room lady poets.

Admittedly, a thesis that has met the spectrum of academic dismissal from snorting guffaw to deer-in-the-headlamps.

(And may get some angry mail here.)

Anonymous said...

When is this blog going to dig into the corruption of the Oakland police department? Jakestock is taking off because it's not afraid to take on the big guys.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Two comments that deserve a comment! Well, first let me say that I have not read 19th Century U.S. poetry outside the anthologies. In that context, Emily Dickinson is wonderful. Whitman, Dickinson, Poe just for being Poe and suddenly its Sidney Lanier and Longfellow and Emerson and .... Yankee Doodle Emily is suddenly lookin' good. As for my ripping the lid off Oakland PD, it takes time. If anon. wants to go undercover to aid in this effort, I will hold his coat.