Friday, January 26, 2007

The Naming

A goodly friend just had a baby and put a good deal of energy (I get the impression) into picking a name in concert with the mom. The last name is a hyphenate with lots of P's and M's and N's. I put the challenge. Can you pick the first and middle names from the following list? I'm putting this challenge to friends of the friend who I think are in ignorance of the one true name.

One of them is the name, though you might not think so.

Lenore Ophelia

Gertrude Willa

Madonna Nirvana Millay

Charity Faithhope

Lara Anna Natasha

Tintern Abigail

Ruby Freedom

Dark Ladie

Sylvia Sophie-Edna

Maude Guinivere

Candi Rebecca

Esalen Quintessence

Tovah Winona

Consuela Quantum

LaGreta Bambino

Avon Elizabeth


Issa Innisfree

Chloetrope Iphegenia

Pomegranate Jardin

Clytemnestra Oresteai

Molly Miranda

Jennifer Dawnstar

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mackdoggy said...

How about a poll?